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1411, 2018

“The 100th Monkey Theory” (Part I)

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(Welcome Back...) On the other side, unfortunately, not every leader thinks about this, doesn’t know how, nor necessarily cares. Before my answer, let’s set the stage... If you’re interested in making a purposeful impact and powerful impression on your audiences that results in stake-holder “Buy-In,” here’s how... It begins with credibility. Assumption #1: You have a viable plan - a vision - [...]

2710, 2018

“Living the Dream” – Resistance…

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“Living the Dream.” (London, October 22, 2018). Theme: “Resistance...” I was asked, “How often have you come across someone who is comfortable doing things one way, and the thought of doing something new and different, even if it might benefit them, becomes an obstacle - an obstacle to their own growth. I smiled and replied, “always - In fact,” [...]

810, 2018

“Living the Dream” – Change & Integration

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“Living the Dream.” (Change/M&A): Recently, I was in London for my monthly trip - someone asked, “Why didn’t our integration & change plan work? Let’s talk about an absolute fact around change: everyone resist's it. We have no problem talking about change and we certainly don't mind changing other people. Or, "I'm all for change, " as long as [...]

409, 2018

“Being on Purpose”®

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Do you think Gratitude sets the foundation for success? As promised, here’s the follow up...(shifting to Executive Coaching mode for a bit). Despite my earlier flippant, “words, words, words” reference - the journey to brand distinction, profitability and market share (let’s include professional & personal success, as well) - beyond lip-service – lie, in part, within the 2 fundamental [...]

2808, 2018

“Think Around the Corner”

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INNOVATION. INTEGRATION. CHANGE OPTIMIZATION. Words...Words...Words...Recently, someone asked a question regarding my last post. We had just concluded one of our “Winning Together” Conscious Leadership & Team Optimization programs (Los Angeles, August, 2018). It was a great question – rhetorical on one level and quite poignant on the other (to me, anyway...), because she expressed awesome insights that reflected a [...]

2607, 2018

The Nuance in Meaning

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  Value Creation. Credibility. Momentum. How do you know how you impact the world around you? (“Living the Dream,” London, June 17, 2018). Answer: Self-Awareness (One of the key focal points to our Executive & Management Coaching principles). Your ability to think “whole-istically,” and harmonically when thinking strategically and expanding your market-share. Your discernment, ability to listen and care, are [...]