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2403, 2018

“Living the Dream” Part IV

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The Rome presentation topics: “How do you inspire good people to focus on performance excellence - growing your business and themselves? And, “How do you bridge communication Silo’s and lead with influence, credibility and accountability - while managing change?” They're nice words and concepts that require processing and discussions around understanding of business objectives, timelines and the choice for quality [...]

2403, 2018

“Living the Dream” Part V

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Your personal & organizational challenge? Balance the pragmatism between the science of business performance & change, with the psycho-emotional creativity & passion that moves mountains & drives excellence. It’s a choice. Beyond concept, be connected to what is important from a career, social & spiritual perspective. Research proves over & over; your sense of self underscores your accomplishment. YOU, [...]

2403, 2018

“Living the Dream” Part VI

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 Remember, it’s about the balance of that which is pragmatic and intuitive. Show no fear. Touch the hearts of your employees, & you find the Holy Grail. Inspire “intrinsic motivation,” inspiration & excitement around your cause, beliefs & organizational purpose. WHY: This, as your cultural identity, drives your business from an existential perspective centered around the "Why,” behind what you [...]

2403, 2018

“Living The Dream” VII – Final

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What made the Rome presentation successful? A new perspective with tangible applicability. How do you make a difference? While we’re supposed to focus on statistics, metrics, strategy and performance targets – be real. Yes, we need to improve margins, increase stock price, market share and stay in front of the competition to keep our business and emotional economies afloat.  Just [...]

803, 2018

Dreaming is Planning…

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3 Secrets: First, "Believing, is Seeing." How do you feel when you're in that "space," where you're connected, expansive and, simply "on fire!?" Reach for it-Remember? Last week our team successfully delivered our signature, "Winning Together" Leadership & Team Optimization program to a $22 Billion + org. Wow-how impressive, right? Some asked, “How do you do it?” Relating to [...]

603, 2018

10 Onboarding Ideas

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Introduction The most important thing for HR and managers/supervisors to understand about newly acquired talent is that they’re still deciding whether they want to work for you. In today’s job market, candidates have many choices, especially as an extremely low rate of unemployment continues. And while onboarding platforms with great technology automate some of the most common HR tasks [...]