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Thank you, Rick…it was true – you guys are different. I have been through this process before, however, your comprehensive and philosophical approach was instrumental in augmenting the plan, preparation and discipline I needed to land. I was able to negotiate a 15% higher salary. Thank you for the added focus.


Even as a Senior Executive, when that exciting acquisition suddenly propels you into a transition – a little shock and “oh, what’s next,” can be daunting. My gratitude to Syntesis Global…with all my experience, I thought my confidence could easily land my next opportunity. I was mistaken. In addition to putting a real job search plan together, Rick, really opened my eyes to “telling my story,” and in staying grounded throughout the process.

VP Marketing

Syntesis Global, you’re awesome! You guys were on point, effective and made me feel like I was in charge…I had forgotten. Great experience. Thank you!

VP Operations

Thank you, Gary – your interviewing role-playing and networking techniques, truly gave me confidence to launch my search campaign with added preparation and purpose.

VP Quality Engineering

Thank you Syntesis Global – it was a very relevant and professional experience given this market. Your tools, processes and assistance with my LinkedIn profile, was immeasurable.

Account Manager

Good news! I received an offer from Oracle Responsys. The terms are exactly what I was looking for and the benefits package is a bit above the industry standard. I’ve gone ahead and accepted their offer. I’m just waiting to finalize the process, but should be starting in the next two weeks or so.

I wanted to thank you for your guidance throughout this whole process. You really kept me on task.

Buyer/Planner, CSCMP

I have been most fortunate to work with Tisha in their Career Transition/Management Program. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional. We worked through a number of activities, from resume building, researching to interviewing that enabled me to find opportunities in the job market. What I found most impressive about the program was that it solidified the theoretical knowledge with practical exercises that enabled me to better represent myself to a potential employer. It had concrete milestones and goals that kept me on track. Overall, an excellent program!

Human Resources Director

Just wanted to share with you my first day on the job… My day was just perfect! Kids helped me out in morning, commute was short and best of all, I was welcomed with open arms. I even received beautiful flowers from the team. Wow!! I could have not asked for a more perfect day.

There is a lot to do but nothing I cannot handle. How are you? Thank you for everything. I couldn’t have done it without you and Rick.

Project Manager

The Syntesis team has been an invaluable resource during my job search the past year. I was in the midst of a challenging mid-career transition and Tisha provided the guidance, focus and confidence I needed to land my next great opportunity. Her patient coaching, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the hiring process and business acumen helped me distill my value proposition and set realistic goals and expectations. From updating my resume, to useful search techniques and interview coaching, she provided a complete solution to my needs. I would highly recommend anyone seeking career coaching to utilize Tisha and her outstanding team.

Quality Engineer

Thanks to your help, I was able to gain an increase in my employment agreement. While they played hard ball, your assistance in negotiation strategy was extremely critical.

Thank you for your hard work and for being available at all times, we have done very good job finding a job for me.

I am extremely happy to know you and I appreciate your help so much. You are an excellent mentor and coach and I have learned so much from you

Sales & Product Support Manager

Thank you!

You turned a difficult transition period into a great learning experience; your insight, coaching and candor helped me rediscover and appreciate some of my accomplishments and acknowledge areas that needed improvement, all in a constructive way. It has been a career changing experience at a critical time and I feel very fortunate to have worked with you.

Thanks again for everything and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Software Development Manager

During the job search in the last 3 months the things that seemed to make a difference were:

Updating my resume to a results oriented style
Keeping a positive mindset
Continuing to keep applying for jobs during the holiday season, when initially I was getting no responses.

I would like to say Thank You! I appreciated the help you provided with updating my resume and the feedback during your presentations.

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