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1402, 2020

Executive Coaching

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                                                             When do you need it? It’s 2020…a new year, revised goals, revitalized strategy and, from a “Positive Intent,” perspective - great people – who now have to adapt to [...]

3008, 2019

A “Conscious Leadership” Connection

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                                                             “Living the Dream” Series (Los Angeles, August 29, 2019) 98 Percentile Satisfaction – not a bad statistic. Everyone is talking about Leadership nowadays. It makes sense. It is imperative [...]

1707, 2019

Conscious Leadership: “The Assumption of Positive Intent”

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Conscious Leadership: "The Assumption of Positive Intent" “Living the Dream” Series (Monterey, CA) July 11,2019. “WOW!” Just finished another powerful    “Winning Together”®  program. I am continually awed and amazed at the results, personal power and transformation when people align and take a chance at trusting their fellow colleagues. It’s difficult to explain in a nutshell: it’s about trust, curiosity and [...]

1106, 2019


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                                                 "Living the Dream" Series: Executive Coaching (Los Angeles, June 2019) Take-Away: Make a clear distinction between the “Form” of what you want, do and say, from the “Content.” The Form (expression), will always take on many [...]

104, 2019


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"PAYING ATTENTION" Executive Coaching (London) - FINAL  What many managers (leaders) fail to do when it comes to successfully managing change, growth or an integration effort, is to pay attention to the detail. It begins with the fundamentals...the details and nuance around assessment, planning and execution. That’s why most change initiatives don’t produce the results you’re targeting. Focused [...]