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1502, 2019

Effective Job Search

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(Cont. from LinkedIn...) Then, I asked, “What's your process for Interviewing, or networking - what do you say?” As we all know, for many - these two dimensions of a Job Search experience (social platform), is difficult. Imagine...almost on queue, you're technically selling your skill-set, experience and competency - it's not easy. I asked her to tell me about her Interviewing capabilities. [...]

302, 2019

“Living the Dream” – Courage

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(Cont.) Consider a fundamental S.W.O.T analysis, a pragmatic alignment exercise around your vision, mission, values and goals (don't forget Roles & Responsibilities, a Metric and Accountability). How do we do it? Via our “Being on Purpose”® model, Precision. Agility. Resilience.® FULL ARTICLE: (Hawaii, Jan. 24, 2019) - my hat's off to the “Winning Together”® (Conscious Leadership) participants who have demonstrated [...]

701, 2019

2019: Twelve Transformative Resolutions

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                                      2019: Twelve Transformative Resolutions 4.)  Continued...strive to be more understanding of opposite points of view. I will consciously choose to (always) breathe more deeply. 5.)  I will be more flexible, accepting of things that don’t go my way, and realize [...]

1112, 2018

The 100th Monkey Theory – FINAL Part 4 of 4

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(Cont.) “Living the Dream” – Honolulu, Hawaii, Nov. 27, 2018). Then...other groups (i.e., organizational departments, divisions and Business Units), follow suit. Conscious Leaders intuitively follow this concept... When coaching, I ask my audiences, consider 3 things: Perception, Process and Purpose (our “Being on Purpose”™ Model). PERCEPTION: What’s your Self-Awareness Quotient? What defines you as an “Effective Leader, Influencer, Communicator?” [...]

2811, 2018

The 100th Monkey Theory: Part III (“Living The Dream,” Honolulu, Hawaii, Nov. 29th)

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Note to Self, Note: Giving, reinforces “having/success,” and expands by inviting people to “align” with the principle of abundance. In short, “see” your picture... Think about it...fundamentally, we teach through demonstration, therefore, model and weave your plan – validate your vision with a solid roadmap, clear steps and an inspirational message that has the power of the universe behind it. [...]

1911, 2018

The 100th Monkey Theory – Part II

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Everything is connected... “Living the Dream” (Los Angeles, CA – Nov. 2018). ...IF - you REALLY want to create a culture of sustainable excellence - empower people around you – committed people - who want to genuinely grow your business, improve quality and contribute to increased market share – that is, attain “REAL” and enterprise-wide “Buy-in...” Here’s one way to begin. Ask yourself, [...]