Conscious Leadership: “The Assumption of Positive Intent”

“Living the Dream” Series (Monterey, CA) July 11,2019.

“WOW!” Just finished another powerful    “Winning Together”®  program. I am continually awed and amazed at the results, personal power and transformation when people align and take a chance at trusting their fellow colleagues. It’s difficult to explain in words…in a nutshell: it’s about trust, curiosity and learning the true meaning of, “The Assumption of Positive Intent.”

Have you ever met new people – great people – who don’t know you, but you know in the end they’re going to be pleasantly surprised because you happen to hold the perfect anecdote that is needed? Subsequently, there are major “ah-ha!” moments as a result of reminding them about what they already know around leadership, interpersonal relationships and team potential. It’s humbling, truly, and allows for the practice of Gratitude.

What was accomplished? Pragmatic interdepartmental (Technology), efficiencies, change Optimization, and “effective communications” improvement. These are the seeds (results), that were garnered by a team of professionals poised for next-level growth. (You had to be there…)