Leadership & the Art of Influence

In today’s global economy the demands on executives and key stakeholders to lead their organizations through change is ever evolving. Many organizations and their leaders face the challenge and opportunity to adapt their performance practices to address these changes, while focusing on optimum business deliverables. Today’s charter not only involves the need to pay attention and learn quickly, but to link performance with organizational imperatives. It is a conscious choice to take ownership and raise the bar on personal accountability to achieve return on investment to their shareholders. Here, individuals must develop core competencies to perform and lead others through growth, change, and uncertainty in a new era. In addition, align business acumen with a strong organizational vision to achieve peak performance, drive quality, and competitive excellence. Doing things “The Old Fashioned Way,“ is not only unsustainable, but it won’t get you there. Today’s value-add is tomorrow’s expectation. What worked in the past, may not necessarily serve your future growth, markets, or customers.

Executive Coaching is an investment. A decision to grow key people and enhance their value as leaders, both for their own personal development, and for the organizations they lead. Coaching assists leaders to embrace new skills that enhance vital roles, strategic thinking, and their ability to increase sense of urgency and commitment to quality, process, and results – while motivating multi-generational and cross-functional teams. Additionally, it assists leaders in strengthening their relationships with key stakeholders at all levels of the organization by improving critical performance deficits that need to improve in an effort to drive enhanced business results and ROI.


Executive & Management Coaching (On-Boarding), is designed to assist individuals to…

  • Adapt to New and Demanding Roles: Bench and increase awareness of developmental opportunities that enhance leadership, communication, and sense of urgency. Additionally, often when in integration mode, cultural awareness, diversity, and social norming are imperatives for acclimation success.
  • Drive Results & ROI: Raise the bar and acknowledge one’s responsibility to contribute to profitability, market share, and cultural & organizational excellence – by increasing personal performance and accountability.
  • Think Strategically: “Think Around the Corner” – Revitalize commitment to achieve departmental growth & innovation; Improve relationships with customers and key stake holders; Pay attention to systemic relationships and their impact on day-to-day operations – equally as important, recognize their affect on team goals and co-workers.
  • Execute Plans: Provide a mentor and coach to assist leaders in defining critical performance needs; establish goals for change; Enhance their ability to contribute to organizational and cultural objectives, while sustaining safety, quality, and compliance requirements.


Syntesis Global offers several Coaching solutions:

  • Individual Leadership Effectiveness coaching enables executives in mission critical roles to achieve and sustain new levels of performance through effective communications, strategic thinking, delegation & decision making, change management, presentations skills, and in building and sustaining teams.
  • High Potential Development coaching identifies and prepares today’s high performers for tomorrow’s leadership challenges with particular focus on develop-in-place and “vital assignment” development.
  • Onboarding/Role Change coaching accelerates leaders’ effectiveness in new roles for new executive hires and promotions.

“Whole-Life” Choices – Answers the question, “Who am I and where am I going?” “What’s important to me?” Coaching leverages individual’s core passion and vision for life. Creating a roadmap and critical steps to make life changes and reveal new choices based on self-awareness, confidence, and personal conviction.