SOLD OUT: Being on Purpose® The Leadership Continuum

/SOLD OUT: Being on Purpose® The Leadership Continuum

SOLD OUT: Being on Purpose® The Leadership Continuum

The Leadership Continuum

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Confidence. A positive mind-set that blends the pragmatism of business growth and people development, with practical skills that inspire performance results, creativity and the collaboration that lead to innovation and change optimization. TAKE-AWAYS: Here, too, with an enhanced Commitment to Quality and Excellence – participants take away an increased sense of Leadership awareness that reduces communication silo’s and closes performance gaps – while enhancing credibility and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Critical tools that drive business outcomes are garnered by applying the “3 Awareness'”® that underscore communication effectiveness, increased trust and accountability.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                HIGHLIGHTS OF THESE CONTENT-RICH SESSIONS 
From the book, “Creating a Culture of Excellence: The 3 Awareness’s“® – these powerful one-day  workshops blend the Fundamentals of Management and our trade-marked Conscious Leadership Principles, through our proven experiential learning models that intrinsically empower individuals to inspire others and focus on key business drivers. Vision alignment and “Buy-In,” set in, as strategic choices that enhance quality and results, begin to reflect the cultural Purpose that becomes the framework for improved inter-personal relationships and effective team communications. Personal Growth, Change Optimization and authenticity accentuate  performance excellence as a natural consequence to raising the bar on personal awareness.  

“Being on Purpose”®

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With 20 years of Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Career Transition Services to C-suite, “High-Potentials” and executive teams, to front line individual contributors, Rick has designed and launched key business and culture-specific initiatives that increase leadership influence, career satisfaction and performance “Excellence.”