How do You Ensure Your Training Results and Off-Site ROI DON’T Fall Short?

/How do You Ensure Your Training Results and Off-Site ROI DON’T Fall Short?

How do You Ensure Your Training Results and Off-Site ROI DON’T Fall Short?

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Training Results

How do You Ensure Your Training Results and Off-Site ROI DON’T Fall Short?Sold Out…

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“Winning Together”®


You’ve just completed or returned from a “Training”…everyone is excited, re-energized and committed to process improvements, doing different things and EOY targets. Plus, there’s some bonding and effective networking, too.    We’re set, right? Your investment underscores your teams’ readiness to implement 4 critical improvements essential to hit your 2025 business plan: 1.) A list of quality process improvements, 2.) A revitalized customer service initiative (Internal/external), 3.) Increased capacity, and 4.) Effectively execute on strategic plan (i.e., defined market goals, milestones & metrics). Suddenly, two – three weeks go by (maybe, 3 days…), and something happens along the way…you’re not aligned, communication is siloed and excitement went south. Suddenly, the blame-game/finger-pointing begins and it’s back to status quo…What happened?

What was missing in the training? Was it lack of clarity of direction? Were good people “feigning” commitment? Or, perhaps, a simple case of well-intentioned hyperbole, outworn platitudes and no accountability?

UNDISCUSSIBLE: “Who owns it and who’s protecting what?”

Welcome to “Winning Together”®If you can relate to the above general example and your training results, commitment and improvements are lagging – we invite you to attend and/or audit our proven approach to organizational and performance excellence. Based on the book,Creating a Culture of Excellence- The 3 Awareness’ ” Through experiential learning and Adult Learning Theory, we help teams to collectively “choose & commit” to personal, business and process objectives as a unit to produce results. Our Conscious Leadership & Team Optimization curriculum inspires and motivates teams to accomplish critical training goals: 

WHO ATTENDS? Current or Emerging Leaders…

1.) Assist participants to transcend behaviors that do not serve performance and commitment to excellence,

2.) Build interpersonal relationship trust and improved process integrity.


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$795.00 p/person

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“It’s not about doing different things…it’s about doing things differently.”

                                                                                                   – Rick J. Hernandez

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About the Author:

With 20 years of Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Career Transition Services to C-suite, “High-Potentials” and executive teams, to front line individual contributors, Rick has designed and launched key business and culture-specific initiatives that increase leadership influence, career satisfaction and performance “Excellence.”