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“Winning Together”® – Management Fundamentals to Raise the Bar on Business Growth, People Management & Accountability @ Barrister Suites, Westlake Village, CA
Jun 20 all-day


Supervisors; Mid-level Managers; Senior Directors


– Adapt to the demands of a new management position, growth target or change initiative
– Think Strategically (Big Picture)
– Develop good working relationships with key stakeholders
– Build and sustain a team
– Execute plans and drive change
– Focus on quality, service and results


TAKE-AWAYS: Participants will augment and solidify the Fundamentals of Management by teaching New Leaders the difference between Leading and Managing, while focusing on business drivers, people development and Change Optimization. Management Tenets include the following: Setting team goals, Planning, Organizing, Controlling, and Motivation. All of our programs underscore Quality and a commitment to Excellence – participants take away an increased sense of Leadership awareness that reduces communication silo’s and closes performance gaps – while enhancing credibility and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Here, critical tools that drive business outcomes are garnered by applying the “3 Awareness'”® that accentuate communication effectiveness, increasing trust and accountability.
Program Cost: $795.00 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHTS

From the book, “Creating a Culture of Excellence: The 3 Awareness’s“® – (Purchage book:
These powerful one-day  workshops blend the Fundamentals of Management and our trade-marked Conscious Leadership Principles, through our proven experiential learning models that intrinsically empower individuals to inspire others and focus on key business drivers. Vision alignment and “Buy-In,” set in, as strategic choices that enhance quality and results, begin to reflect the cultural Purpose that becomes the framework for improved inter-personal relationships and effective team communications. Personal Growth, Change Optimization and authenticity accentuate  performance excellence as a natural consequence to raising the bar on personal awareness.

           “Winning Together”®

“What is Winning Together,”®  Video Animation:
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