Living The Dream VII – Final

//Living The Dream VII – Final

Living The Dream VII – Final

Living The Dream VII

What made the Rome presentation successful? A new perspective with tangible applicability. How do you make a difference? While we’re supposed to focus on statistics, metrics, strategy and performance targets – be real. Yes, we need to improve margins, increase stock price, market share and stay in front of the competition to keep our business and emotional economies afloat.  Just don’t over-intellectualize and forget the other side…your purpose, your people, your product – in this order – to attract those who “believe” in you, “believe” in your company. Do this first, then your brand, as a natural consequence, will shine. It’s natural law. Remember- Balance. Be connected and model greatness. Think CHOICES – Choose to “feel good” about what you do.        Focus on quality and influence others – positively. Check yourself. Do what you love and the rest will follow. As you drive business & performance results, create meaning EVERYWHERE. This… was the differentiator in Italy. The fusion of business pragmatism and the intrinsic purpose that motivates and drives excellence – from the inside out. I’m certain in your world, it differentiates you, too.

This 7 segment “Blog,” drives 3 considerations: 1.) Define the PURPOSE behind the “Why” of what you do, 2.) Build momentum around your ability to balance the pragmatism of results, metrics and profitably, with the intuition that drives inspiration and the production of dopamine (the pleasure chemical in the brain). 3) Be Grateful. Relax – what you say and do “reads”…so, “Assume Positive Intent” and use statistics and numbers to guide behavior, but not squelch it. Remember, Leadership, while having power & authority, serves best when it’s from the inside out – it doesn’t hide, isn’t arrogant, nor coercive as you “Lead.” Here, you create create organizational “Buy-In.”

In Closing, thank you for allowing me to share the nuance behind what I believe drives profits & margins: “Conscious Leadership” & inspired people. This approach fuses traditional business models, frameworks & formula’s, with a basic mental attitude that produces results & is sustainable-long term. So, cultivate trust…I believe this is the foundational basis for courage and accentuates my belief in, “Believing, is Seeing.” Don’t take my word for it.  Test it. It’s not new, nor mine. Lastly, what’s more exhilarating than my Fall speaking engagement in Rome? Being asked to return in 2018 to Dublin to continue sharing these themes from my book, “Creating a Culture of Excellence!

Gratefully, Rick

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