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Change or growing pains can transform a company overnight: they can either turn the company into Wall Street’s latest success story or push the company over the edge of failure. Whether a merger, an acquisition, or a consolidation of any flavor… economic change often calls for the inevitable separation, integration, or onboarding of key talent.


Syntesis Global’s  Global expertise efficiently helps our customers and clients develop a plan, manage the change, and prepare for the future. When redeployment of employees is not an option due to the many enterprise-wide economic challenges forcing companies to realign their business infrastructure, Career Transition Services (Outplacement ), is the wisest solution that promotes an image of caring, preserves your valuable corporate goodwill, and minimizes liability –  while taking care of those leaving the organization.

Syntesis Global understands and can assist every step of the way…it’s what we do. We collaborate with companies just like yours respond, organize, and minimize disruption during periods of realignment, rapid growth, and change. Syntesis Global’s  charter is to assist those you care about by providing instant “next steps,” along with a clear roadmap and strategic job search plan – aided by a personal Career Consultant and Business Advisor.

Areas of Work

  • Effective Job Search and Re-employment Counseling

  • LinkedIn & Social Media Integration (Video Resume Option)

  • Industry Referrals (Industry Differentiator)

  • 1:1 Personalized & Customized Services (Consultant/Client Quality Ratio – 1:20) Industry Differentiator

  • Career Management

  • Buying a Business

  • Creative Entrepreneurial Pursuits

  • Non-Profit

  • Retirement

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Being seen as a quality employer is crucial to retaining talent in competitive markets. Nothing speaks louder to this than how a company supports its people during the reduction and outplacement process.
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