Strategy / Planning

Many people use strategies to achieve their goals in life. For example, students plan their assignments to complete their assignments effectively. Entrepreneurs develop new business ideas and strategies to earn money. Military commanders plan out military campaigns to defeat their enemies. Essentially, all of us use strategies to successfully navigate daily life.

The word ‘strategy’ comes from the Latin word strategia, which means ‘guide.’ Many consider the ancient Greek city-states to be the birthplace of modern strategy theory. This is because that era saw the development of an ever more sophisticated form of warfare- organized warfare. Organized warfare led to a need for leaders who could manage the war effort. However, there was no standardization in organizing wars at this early stage of history. As a result, some leaders ran far fewer operations than others. They made up their own strategies as they went along- and this created some extremely successful campaigns. From there, these tactics were adopted by civilian leaders when running businesses and other organizations.