Living the Dream Part IV

Living the Dream Part IV The Rome presentation topics: “How do you inspire good people to focus on performance excellence - growing your business and themselves? And, “How do you bridge communication Silo’s and lead with influence, credibility and accountability - while managing change?” They're nice words and concepts that require processing and discussions around [...]

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Living the Dream Part V

Your personal & organizational challenge? Balance the pragmatism between the science of business performance & change, with the psycho-emotional creativity & passion that moves mountains & drives excellence. It’s a choice. Beyond concept, be connected to what is important from a career, social & spiritual perspective. Research proves over & over; your sense of [...]

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Living the Dream Part VI

 Remember, it’s about the balance of that which is pragmatic and intuitive. Show no fear. Touch the hearts of your employees, & you find the Holy Grail. Inspire “intrinsic motivation,” inspiration & excitement around your cause, beliefs & organizational purpose. WHY: This, as your cultural identity, drives your business from an existential perspective centered around [...]

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Living The Dream VII – Final

Living The Dream VII What made the Rome presentation successful? A new perspective with tangible applicability. How do you make a difference? While we’re supposed to focus on statistics, metrics, strategy and performance targets – be real. Yes, we need to improve margins, increase stock price, market share and stay in front of the competition [...]

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Dreaming is Planning

Dreaming is Planning 3 Secrets: First, "Believing, is Seeing." How do you feel when you're in that "space," where you're connected, expansive and, simply "on fire!?" Reach for it-Remember? Last week our team successfully delivered our signature, "Winning Together" Leadership & Team Optimization program to a $22 Billion + org. Wow-how impressive, right? Some [...]

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