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I have known Rick Hernandez for the past ten (10) years both as a professional colleague and personal friend. He is consistently at the forefront of the latest techniques and technologies to support C-level executives and maximize their potential for leadership, motivation and results. His executive coaching skills have resulted in focused, productive new directions for individuals as well as their teams. He is quick to recognize individual strengths and how to channel them to overcome areas in need of development or improvement. Rick is quick to identify challenges his client faces, identify choices and avenues for positive change and to help his client implement them for long-term growth and success. Rick is professional in every sense of the word, yet his style is relaxed, open and confident. His sense of humor never fails to help keep the most pressing personal issues or stressful situations within the proper context. I consider him to be the Gold Standard of character and integrity, and I am honored to provide this recommendation.

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With 20 years of Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Career Transition Services to C-suite, “High-Potentials” and executive teams, to front line individual contributors, Rick has designed and launched key business and culture-specific initiatives that increase leadership influence, career satisfaction and performance “Excellence.”