Creating a Culture of Excellence Seminars and Retreats

Profitability. Margins. Customer Retention. Would improving these help you sleep better at night?
Given our global economy, scarce resources, and time being of the essence – your focus, your strategy, and your leadership must be focused on the right thing – if you are to succeed. No excuses. Like most organizations going through change – confusion, ambiguity, and uncertainty, may be the sentiment of the day. For some it’s survival. Nobody has the answers anymore. Profitability, market share and success is dependent on how fast you can adapt and learn what your customers really need and want. Most importantly, how quickly you and your team can respond with the appropriate solution to “their” needs.

At Syntesis Global, we strive to understand your business drivers and what it takes to align people with organizational objectives. We assist executive teams and organizations on how best to create an ROI/ROT (return on time/return on time) Culture. We accomplish this by “Creating a Culture of Excellence.” One that teaches people how to own their part in the company’s growth and success through performance management, process improvement, and personal accountability. In short, by designing an enterprise-wide model that celebrates on-going improvement, quality, and efficiencies – both, organizationally and personally.

To ensure you succeed when navigating change (merger/acquisition, reorganization, etc.), conscious leadership, a strong vision, and a communication strategy that outlines a compelling roadmap to success will ensure the organizational integration platform that will serve your future, your customers, and a quality mind-set to sustain all of the above.

Syntesis Global’s ”Creating a Culture of Excellence”™ Workshops are designed to assist organizations to effectively refocus — quickly — and are created for organizations that are experiencing change as a result of:

  • Mergers and/or Acquisitions
    • Integration: The need to bridge and blend cultural differences. Define language and communication to welcome and embrace the newly formed partnership toward a new future that capitalizes on a fusion of best practices and great people that serve the business needs of the organization moving forward.
  • Need to redefine culture
    • Cultural Shift: Too often when there is a radical shift in business, leaders need to re-address the culture of the organization to stay competitive and retain talent in a competitive market. Most importantly, eliminate communication and collaboration deficits that result from siloed environments.
  • Loss of Market Share and/or downturn of business
    • Downsizing: When business suffers, often layoffs happen thus causing the remaining workforce to become fearful and skeptical about their organization’s success moving forward. This uncertainty often results in a subsequent dip in morale, productivity and performance organization wide.
  • Organizational restructuring:
    • New Management (direction): Challenges facing employees as a result of new management and/or a new business direction may lead to the need to adapt to new leadership styles. Often, a shift in roles & responsibilities with shorter time lines, less resources, and the demand of doing more work with less people becomes the norm.

Syntesis Global Goals

    • Provide leadership, managers and supervisors with a communication strategy that is revitalized in its messaging – a common language to lead and coach their business units towards greater success.
    • Assist in the development of a compelling “change-driven” communication strategy.
    • Create alignment: Equip leaders and managers with the skill set necessary to effectively communicate a renewed Vision, Mission, Values and Goals that will inspire and motivate people toward excellence.
    • Raise the bar on employees to understand their role as part of the success of the organization.
    • Assist in the setting of incremental goals that are attitudinal, skill enhancement and ROI (return on investment), as individual contributors take ownership and to measure their performance and contributions.
    • Create excitement – as leaders mentor and coach toward increased quality, efficiencies and personal accountability.
    • Encourage collaboration and problem solving – including the celebration of important milestones.
    • Create a culture that is empowered to anticipate and embraces change to drive the overall business plan.

Program Description

Designed as a fast-paced, experiential and interactive experience, Syntesis Global’s workshops are custom designed for executives, managers and employees to assist all members of the organization to better understand and embrace change, both productively and successfully.

The workshops challenge individuals to create a new standard for quality and performance that address how to “think” differently about their role and personal contributions. Participants experience the value they bring as members of a whole team focused on business objectives that contribute to the top/bottom line. Hence, participants are inspired to take personal ownership, measure their performance, and pro-actively track their return on investment (ROI), as they create a revitalized future.

Unique Value Proposition


All programs are designed to speak to cultural, business, and market drivers to ensure successful integration of new learning and relevance.

Real-Time Feedback:

Syntesis Global maintains communication at all junctures of design and implementation.

Success Teams:

Following the completion of workshops, participants from cross-functional teams are encouraged to meet every
2 – 3 weeks for 1 hour to reinforce new learning, goals, and for open discussions around results and success.

“Creating a Culture of Excellence”™ Workshops

Managers’ Session

This session is designed for managers and will focus on:

    • Understanding the new vision, mission, values and goals of the organization.
    • Identifying the challenges required to shift the culture and lead their employees through change.
    • Set goals and objectives that align with the new direction and business strategy moving into a new future.
    • Identify and discuss personal challenges as leaders/ employees in the organizational shift
    • Set individual and team goals as leaders of the organization that are attitudinal, skill enhancement and performance based for the business units they lead and for themselves as individual members of the organization.
    • OPTIONAL: Session for leaders will also include the utilization of Assessment tools (either Hogan for Senior Management or DISC for Managers and Supervisors), to create a common language for communication and to set goals for more effective leadership and coaching through the changes affecting the organizations they lead.
    • Sustain a cultural shift by celebrating group and individual successes that underscore high-performing teams.

Program Outcomes

    • Increased Communication, Collaboration, Support, & Accountability: Creation of a common language for the renewed vision, mission, values and goals of the evolving organization for all members of the leadership team and necessary buy-in of the leaders in the changing cultural demands, new roles and goals.
    • Strategic Thinking: Understanding of their roles as coach and mentors for the organization and the desired goals and outcomes for their respective business unit and its individual members.
    • Performance Execution: Setting of individual goals that are attitudinal, skill enhancement and performance (ROI) as individual members of the organization.
    • Sustainability: Setting up of cross functional leadership Success Teams for accountability.

Employee Session

These workshops are designed for groups of cross functional teams of up to 15 people and are 1 day or 2 half days in duration and are designed to:

    • Assist employees in their understanding of the need for change
    • Communicate the revitalized/changing vision, mission, values and goals moving forward
    • Assist employees in the understanding of the business needs and the criticalness of their role in the organization’s success
    • Assist employees as they address this change and the impact this change has on them personally in terms of their roles and goals and the need for organizational and cultural change
    • Assists employees with strategies to manage the change in terms of attitude, managing the stress of change and ways to transition through and embrace the change
    • Assists employees in the examination of their evolving and/or changing roles; the setting of goals that are focused on attitude, skill enhancement and performance/return on investment (ROI).
    • Create a culture focused on individual and team mentorship; a culture of accountability that sets individual and team goals; a culture that mentors, acknowledges and holds each other accountable
    • Creates a cross functional team experience that celebrates the journey and the milestones of success

Program Outcomes

To help employees to:

    • Better understand how to be accountable within their jobs/roles and how to measure personal success
    • Self-motive through greater understanding of their personal response and reaction to change
    • Be able to apply personal strategies to accelerate their transition through a revitalized plan
    • Set goals that are attitudinal, skill enhancement and performance based
    • Understand how their contribution addresses the bottom-line; how to increase communication, trust, accountability and support; serve as mentors to each other to sustain change
    • Be able to apply techniques for stress management, motivation and acknowledgement