“Winning Together”

Syntesis Global has one of the most dynamic approaches to successfully achieve your ROI (Return on Investment) and ROT (Return on Time), of all Leadership, Change, and Team development programs. Why? Because we systematically partner to align with your specific needs, targeted outcomes and with a well-executed methodology that provides a solid framework for closing communication and performance gaps through the blending of adult learning theory and experiential principles. It is with the careful orchestration of getting crucial “buy-in,” by taking what makes your team unique in its differences, honoring those differences by taking action, and ensuring it all makes organizational, business, and people sense. What you can expect is a message, which in its totality transcends the sum of its parts. Remarkably, by design…produce the quantitative change and the qualitative results that welcome a new era.
Herein, lies the Syntesis Global charter.
Our Syntesis Global team is committed to the revitalization and integration of key processes that develop the synergies that drive and define your vital benchmarks to communicate productively and reduce the “silo-effect,” that so often creates internal polarities and a debilitating, “we/they” negative environment ( i.e., “negative attitude”). We accomplish this by providing the ultimate in organizational transformation – inspiring a “cultural shift” – that establishes best practices to welcome a future reflecting pride of ownership and the ability to embrace differences. Inherent in these deliverables, are critical success factors (CSF’s) that are based on committed partnerships toward operational effectiveness, value, and the ability to “think around the corner.” In “Creating a Culture of Excellence,”™ the investment is in aligning people to, not so much do different things, but to do things differently, as a result of seeing things differently. Our success lies in re-framing, or “re-inventing” a fusion of past and future worldviews that speak the same performance language in the present. For this, insightful people are collectively focused on organizational efficiencies and personal accountability, while choosing to re-channel past assumptions that no longer serve. Herein, lies your ROI (return on investment), and ROT (return on time).
The Program Is Designed To:
  • Ensure employees and leaders understand their role in embracing the challenges and opportunities that change presents in individuals and companies alike.

  • Support organizational recovery after a major change event to quickly get focused and back on track.

  • Minimize dramatic loss of productivity (confidence) often associated with major change.

  • Improve Perception of the organization as responsive to employee needs.

  • Reinforce new expectations and provide adequate resources due to a redirection of the business or new leadership.

  • Model commitment, communication, and follow through with a focus on the future.

  • Provide employees and leaders with knowledge and tools to embrace ownership and responsibility for their own success and productivity.

  • Quiet the “chatter” by providing truthful, accurate, and relevant information.

  • Acknowledge a sense of loss, community, and “listlessness” following a major change (re-direct).

Challenges typically facing most companies that may drive the need for change are:
Organizational Effectiveness
Inspiring Leadership & Team Excellence Beyond the Pace of Change