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 Back to Business, Growth and People Development: JOIN US… “Winning Together” ™ “Conscious Leadership & Team Optimization” Webinar TAKE-AWAY’S * Business & Culture Alignment * Principles of Conscious Leadership * Team Optimization * Coaching thru Change * “Being on Purpose”™ FREE WEBINAR Tuesday, June 30, 2020 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM PDT REGISTER NOW! https://bit.ly/2zpq1Vi (first 10 registrants will receive a [...]

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SYNTESIS ONLINE: Virtual Leadership; Leading Through Change & Creating Culture Online

"STAYING AHEAD OF THE CURVE" HOW WILL YOUR LEADERS MANAGE CHANGE IN 15 DAYS? JOIN US! After your safety, contingency and stabilization plans... We cannot place quality, leadership development and growth "On-Hold."  WHO ATTENDS? Managers & Supervisors   WEBINAR TITLES: High Performance: "Creating Culture Online" - Framework for Organizational Values, Behavior & Performance Effectively Leading Virtual Teams: Organization, Business & [...]

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                                                                                           TIME TO LEARN                        [...]

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Corporate Fatigue™: The “Conscious Leadership” Connection

“Living the Dream” Series (More Conversations; Vienna, Austria). The “Conscious Leadership” Connection. You know…making the case for leading others is easy when you select the right person whose psychology and mental chemistry understands what it is to have vision, be strategic and who intrinsically CARES about making a difference within the world and people they serve. It’s not rocket [...]

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Executive Coaching

                                                             When do you need it? It’s 2020…a new year, revised goals, revitalized strategy and, from a “Positive Intent,” perspective - great people – who now have to adapt to [...]

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