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2023 FROM THE COACHE'S CORNER (Excerpt from upcoming book, “The 3 Awareness’ ”) “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” - William Shakespeare As we kick-off the “New Year,” do you think today's Employee Engagement, Career Development and Business Climate is different than prior years? As in the past, Leaders today [...]

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The Role of Performance in an Individual's Life Performance refers to the quality of an individual's work or study. It is directly related to success in life. Therefore, people who perform well have a better chance of succeeding in life. On the other hand, underperformers have a hard time succeeding. Everyone needs to understand what good performance looks like and [...]

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Strategy / Planning Many people use strategies to achieve their goals in life. For example, students plan their assignments to complete their assignments effectively. Entrepreneurs develop new business ideas and strategies to earn money. Military commanders plan out military campaigns to defeat their enemies. Essentially, all of us use strategies to successfully navigate daily life. The word 'strategy' comes from [...]

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Conscious Leadership

The Importance of Conscious Leadership Conscious Leadership is an essential skill in any field of work. It can make or break a person's career in any type of work environment. A leader is someone who can inspire his team to do better and stay happy while working together. It's important for leaders to stay updated on the latest trends and [...]

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How to Find Inspiration Inspiration is something that everyone needs from time to to time. For example, artists and writers find creative ideas from outside sources of inspiration. Other people need inspiration for work or for their daily life. In general, every person finds something to make them happy by using ideas from outside themselves. Everyone finds inspiration from different [...]

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Change Management

Change Management in the Workplace Change management is a term used to describe the process of guiding employees through the changes they will encounter in the workplace. These changes can be positive or negative, and they affect every employee in some way. Basically, change management is essential in helping employees adjust to the demands of the workplace. First and foremost, [...]

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