(Lessons from the field: What are secrets to Engagement and Retention – and, Employee Passion?)


Employee Engagement, Retention and Development are influenced by workplace culture and the employee experience. It is always a good thing when your C-Suite Team takes ownership of the team/employee experience as a top priority – wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s what Iโ€™ve learnedโ€ฆCulture can be defined and quantified by three core metrics:

1.) โ€œBuy-Inโ€ – to a modeled, practiced and a visibly reinforced values-driven organizational system.

2.)ย Business, market and financial success as a result of collectively executing on strategy:
(Business results are a natural consequence to organizational โ€œbuy-in,โ€ which, reflects in the culture that drives it. They are not mutually exclusive, and nurture each others growth – remember, your margins represent the value of relationships).

3.) ???????? Satisfaction: If you ensure your team/employees are connected, informed and included in both, their personal growth and that of the organizationโ€ฆnow, you have commitment, passion for excellence and loyalty โ€“ (CODE for – Engagement and Retention, which, tie into the above based on a โ€œwhole-isticโ€ view of the people that underscore all organizational success.

Thoughts? Comments?
For over 20 years, I’ve worked with C-suite executives and HR leaders from top global companies and iconic brands: The Walt Disney Company, Dole Plc, Amgen, ThermoFisher, Denso Drive, Intel, and Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne/NASA (AeroJet Rocketdyne), to name a few. With commitment to excellence and a roadmap focused on small wins, culture transformation and metricsโ€ฆyour organizational culture of excellence aspirations are just around the corner.

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