(from our Conscious Leadership Playbook)

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                                                                        Sharing an excerpt of a recent Executive Coaching session – does this resonate or sound familiar?


The subtext is about self-awareness and the “nuance” behind our thought processes. How we insist on focusing on the wrong thing, then, not connecting the natural consequence to how we feel. It was with a mid-level executive who, like many, is passionate and committed to business and career success – yet, haunted by the uncertainty tied to his job and his ability to lead his team through change.

I asked, “Have you ever wondered why you feel the way you do?” Or, “Why people don’t think about what they think about, and why they do what they do?” They know how they feel and what they do, but not what is causing how they feel and what they do. I asked, “Do you think Gratitude sets the foundation for success?”

Respectfully I asked, “To what do you aspire?” Then added, “You don’t get what you want in life, you get who you are.” Therefore, “Who are you?” Some may remember the phrase “Don’t give your power away.” Adding, “As you bench your leadership influence against your team successes, and organizational & career satisfaction, consider asking yourself – Am I really aligned with what I think, say and do?  Truly, I said, look in the mirror.”

LOL – we both laughed as on the surface it sounded so vague and irrelevant. The conversation continued, “You have to know – Your emotions follow your thinking, not the other way around. If you don’t know this, then you’re a byproduct of a negative focus and personal ‘uncertainty,’ thus, the fear, worry and stress. Do you acknowledge your team,” I asked. He said, “no, not really.” “Gratitude,” I said, “Is a mindset of awareness, acceptance, and readiness for the positive things yet to come.

Most leaders intellectualize this, but they don’t really ‘know it.’ ”  Lastly, I said, “Focus on your passion and business excellence – think ‘Value Creation’ – think how you deliberately inspire those around you, and in building team trust – while focusing and acknowledging your teams’ small wins. The rest will follow.”

He exclaimed, “Yeah, but what if things don’t turn out the way I want them to?”

Hmmm…What’s missing?