The Newest Old Experience

Cont. from LinkedIn: “try” it because you know it will produce results around quality, performance and it will improve your brand – both, market and personal. So, how do YOU define success? When it comes to personal and business success – when you look at business trends, organizational transformation and legacy – what do most [...]

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Effective Job Search

(Cont. from LinkedIn...) Then, I asked, “What's your process for Interviewing, or networking - what do you say?” As we all know, for many - these two dimensions of a Job Search experience (social platform), is difficult. Imagine...almost on queue, you're technically selling your skill-set, experience and competency - it's not easy. I asked her to tell [...]

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“Living the Dream” – Courage

(Cont.) Consider a fundamental S.W.O.T analysis, a pragmatic alignment exercise around your vision, mission, values and goals (don't forget Roles & Responsibilities, a Metric and Accountability). How do we do it? Via our “Being on Purpose”® model, Precision. Agility. Resilience.® FULL ARTICLE: (Hawaii, Jan. 24, 2019) - my hat's off to the “Winning Together”® (Conscious [...]

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2019: Twelve Transformative Resolutions

                                      2019: Twelve Transformative Resolutions 4.)  Continued...strive to be more understanding of opposite points of view. I will consciously choose to (always) breathe more deeply. 5.)  I will be more flexible, accepting of things that don’t [...]

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The 100th Monkey Theory – FINAL Part 4 of 4

(Cont.) “Living the Dream” – Honolulu, Hawaii, Nov. 27, 2018). Then...other groups (i.e., organizational departments, divisions and Business Units), follow suit. Conscious Leaders intuitively follow this concept... When coaching, I ask my audiences, consider 3 things: Perception, Process and Purpose (our “Being on Purpose”™ Model). PERCEPTION: What’s your Self-Awareness Quotient? What defines you as [...]

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The 100th Monkey Theory: Part III (“Living The Dream,” Honolulu, Hawaii, Nov. 29th)

Note to Self, Note: Giving, reinforces “having/success,” and expands by inviting people to “align” with the principle of abundance. In short, “see” your picture... Think about it...fundamentally, we teach through demonstration, therefore, model and weave your plan – validate your vision with a solid roadmap, clear steps and an inspirational message that has the power [...]

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The 100th Monkey Theory – Part II

Everything is connected... “Living the Dream” (Los Angeles, CA – Nov. 2018). ...IF - you REALLY want to create a culture of sustainable excellence - empower people around you – committed people - who want to genuinely grow your business, improve quality and contribute to increased market share – that is, attain “REAL” and enterprise-wide “Buy-in...” Here’s one [...]

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“The 100th Monkey Theory” (Part I)

(Welcome Back...) On the other side, unfortunately, not every leader thinks about this, doesn’t know how, nor necessarily cares. Before my answer, let’s set the stage... If you’re interested in making a purposeful impact and powerful impression on your audiences that results in stake-holder “Buy-In,” here’s how... It begins with credibility. Assumption #1: You have a viable [...]

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“Living the Dream” – Resistance…

“Living the Dream.” (London, October 22, 2018). Theme: “Resistance...” I was asked, “How often have you come across someone who is comfortable doing things one way, and the thought of doing something new and different, even if it might benefit them, becomes an obstacle - an obstacle to their own growth. I smiled and [...]

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“Living the Dream” – Change & Integration

“Living the Dream.” (Change/M&A): Recently, I was in London for my monthly trip - someone asked, “Why didn’t our integration & change plan work? Let’s talk about an absolute fact around change: everyone resist's it. We have no problem talking about change and we certainly don't mind changing other people. Or, "I'm all for [...]

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