(Conscious Leadership Series)

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Value-Creation. Credibility. Momentum

In a recent session, someone asked why people didn’t respond the way he thought they should. “Hmmm…” I thought. He said that he believes in leading people with “dignity,” and speaks of values and qualities that drive inspiration and commitment, but that people didn’t seem to “deliver.”

I gave it another, “Hmmm…”

Can you hear the psychology and perception of what’s going on? The tone, choice of words, and inherent contradictions? While this might fall under the, “lacking Self-Awareness,” category, can you hear how some people might miss the “nuance” within “Conscious Leadership” principles? It’s like the phrase, “Constructive Criticism.” In my opinion, how can you build, “construct,” inspire and improve, while criticizing? Some might say, I’m being too naïve and sensitive – unrealistic and parochial. Am I?

Then, why are there deficits in most P&L’s, Margins, Operational Efficiencies – and, RESULTS?

In my observation, It’s because some leaders are missing the point and are overly myopic in their style and approach. Yes…we want results, margins and market growth – but to achieve these, you have to know your audience and how to bring people into your world of success, as defined by you. And, naturally, it must serve the greater whole.

When I asked, “How do you know how you impact the world around you?” He replied, “by the results I get.” My response: “Ok, that’s one way.” Consider another way, I added, “To optimize the results you get, and/or want, consider adding a mindset of ‘Value-Creation, Credibility and Momentum,’ to your approach. Consider, tapping into people’s intrinsic motivation – inspiration from within.” (self-inspiration)

Think about it – as a Leader, or an Influencer (on any level), they may fancy themselves as knowledgeable, insightful and strategic (don’t you?).  That said, let’s add to it…consider inspiring people to achieve their personal and professional developmental objectives by guiding them to realize their highest potential by focusing on what aligns with their personal career vision, mission, values and goals – while, partnering to support yours. (btw, we’re not talking about compromise, authority, nor imploring professionals to take personal ownership).

Consider the following should it serve:

  1. Value-Creation: A 360° focus on a specific contribution to growth and efficiencies (results), through quality, customer service and cost-management – while including others and elevating performance around you.
  2. Credibility: Coach and Mentor through demonstration, empathy and learning – Invite your audiences to see your vision, the clarity and purpose of your direction, as well as, build trust and loyalty by demonstrating awareness, follow-through and empathy. Know your “Business Story.”
  3. Momentum: Create realistic milestones and acknowledge relevant “small-wins,” creating a team culture that looks for evidence of what is working, thereby, sustaining “Momentum.” Spotlight positive outcomes and learnings produced by those things of which you have control, can measure, and by driving all energies toward quality and excellence. Voilà- your desired “results.”

In the end, it’s your “Conscious Leadership” style and approach that will bring business, markets and margins in alignment with all “results,” and noise assigned to “sales, quotas and pricing.”


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