Do you think Gratitude sets the foundation for success? As promised, here’s the follow up…(shifting to Executive Coaching mode for a bit). Despite my earlier flippant, “words, words, words” reference – the journey to brand distinction, profitability and market share (let’s include professional & personal success, as well) – beyond lip-service – lie, in part, within the 2 fundamental questions I asked: “To what do you aspire?” And, with regards to feeling energized again, “How do you get your mojo back?” Try not to over-think, or intellectualize what I’m about to share – you’ll “get it,” intellectually, but, you’ll miss the point. As you bench your leadership influence against your successes and organizational & career satisfaction, consider asking, “Am I on target?” If not, pay close attention to the following “NUANCE.”

Circling back to my “Living the Dream,” (Paris, France, June 21, 2018), post highlighting some of the work we did in Europe – 4 quotes generated quite a response. 1.) You don’t get what you want in life, you get who you are.” 2.) Ideas are caught, not taught.” 3.) Your emotions follow your thinking, not the other way around.” 4.) If you want to keep something, give it away.” Re: Gratitude…we’ve already spoken to this concept in the past, however, let’s sink into a deeper understanding of our Conscious Leadership principles and their application in achieving Influence and in producing business and people results – in short, beyond words – shareholder value and market impact.  When I quoted Hamlet and said, to inspire innovation, navigate change and produce solid results, you have to “Think Around the Corner.” I meant, Imagine…Anticipate…allow for Creativity, diversity of thought and empowerment for growth. Your aspirations and the energy required to make a difference require structure, discipline and commitment. Trust and Intuition come into play, as well. When it comes to Influence, your commitment must match your expectations in order to align what we want, with what we do. In essesnce, think: Personal Ownership (Accountability). PAUSE: If you think this is simply romantic idealism…for Credibility purposes, over the years – in one form or another – our work has positively contributed to great people from small-large cap companies that include, The Walt Disney Company, Dole Foods, Amgen, American Airlines, ThermoFisher, PennyMac and Wells Fargo.

So, the secret to connect who you are with what you do, is Intuition. Think about what motivates and moves you. Think about the detail and care you apply to all you touch. Do others apply the same? What’s missing and how can we improve our ability to invite others to see our vision for excellence in pursuit of business growth and quality? Of course, there’s a framework around this as it’s a function of organization, anticipation and problem solving. That said, the “things” to which we aspire – require vision, passion and momentum. So, the question becomes, “What are you looking at?” “Where’s your focus?” “What are you measuring?” If you want business results, meaning and happiness – what thoughts are you holding that align with the vision you have for success? Remember, don’t over-analyze, nor intellectualize the simplicity behind this or you’ll miss the nuance. CONSIDER: If you’re not making the impact to which you aspire – re-think and re-calibrate (change), your thinking about who you are, and literally, practice. ..“giving away,” the qualities (behaviors), you want to see in others (business, people, systems, etc.).

Herein, lie the success we’ve had globally of late with our “Winning Together,”® Conscious Leadership Principles. It’s the ultimate in “Getting your Mojo back!”  – and, in making a difference. This is how you produce internal advocacy and the long-term results to which you aspire, by inspiring “buy-in” (critical mass). Ask yourself, “What do I look for?” Is it, Excellence – or mistakes and shortcomings? “What evidence are you looking for in others to confirm your point of view?” Gotta ask the right questions…and, don’t project – think consistency, empowerment and authenticity. Lastly, elevate people around you and follow up to build Trust and as a form of respect. Use your intuition and results to measure the root cause of your successes. Your inner-voice knows (and, most of you know this voice…). Pay attention to the nuance in things so that we don’t play small and project onto others’ what we don’t want to acknowledge as, “our stuff.” This, is “Being on Purpose.”®

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