Think Around the Corner

INNOVATION. INTEGRATION. CHANGE OPTIMIZATION. Words…Words…Words…Recently, someone asked a question regarding my last post. We had just concluded one of our “Winning Together” Conscious Leadership & Team Optimization programs (Los Angeles, August, 2018). It was a great question – rhetorical on one level and quite poignant on the other (to me, anyway…), because she expressed awesome insights that reflected a combination of what I wrote in the post and what she had picked up from my presentation. It was pretty cool… As I began to answer her question, I told her, “Ideas are Caught, not Taught.” You can tell someone, something a million times, but not until they’re ready to catch it – hear it – it doesn’t sink in. Have you ever guided, counseled or advised someone around something profound and important? Then, along came someone who casually mentioned the same thing? If Murphy’s law was around – they “heard it,” from this someone – right in front of you. Rejoicing the “ah-ha” moment and “Wow-factor,” they probably said, “that’s brilliant, Bob!” SUDDENDLY,  you’re stripped from being recognized, or taking credit for your genius (not that you wanted it, but, nonetheless) – now left in amazement at what just transpired. In her case, she was ready to hear it. I guess it was my turn – Murphy was on my side. She was tuned-in, tapped in, as it were…(love to hear your comments on this – please send me your thoughts). Before I go to her question, a couple of important things: consider one of my favorite quotes: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet. Secondly, allow me to take a moment to express my gratitude to ALL – For the awesome and incredible response to the, “Living the Dream” (London, June 17, 2018), article – “Value Creation, Credibility & Momentum.” For the moment, I’m unable to answer all of your questions, so I’ll aggregate a part of my response later as I announce the launch of what many have been asking for – a public, 1-Day program. The next thing I told her was that ideas expand as you give them away…they get bigger and they become more meaningful when you share them – AND, you get to keep them. “What do you mean?” she asked. Without getting too deep, I replied, “that’s because we teach through demonstration and you solidify that which you believe by announcing it, by declaring it, by endorsing it. In simple terms, we lead and teach by example. On the analytical & practical side, ask yourself, “Where and how is it “I” influence other people and achieve the performance outcomes “I” target?” Example? Sure… Here’s one state of mind many relate to…have you ever wondered why you might not have that, “pizazz?” Or, you feel like you’ve lost your “mojo,” and aren’t excited and energized like before? What impact do you think this has on your communication, effectiveness, energy – and, relationships? Digression – remember, we’re always talking about the nuance and subtleties of the “Why” behind our purpose. The very “nuance,” behind the results we seek and intrinsic motivation that fuses with the fundamentals of change and inspires creativity and innovation. Don’t give up…how do you make a difference, hit your margins and change things? it’s the ultimate self-responsibility. Essentially, I said we’re always teaching people who we are by what we say – our behavior, our personality, non-verbal comm., what we don’t say, or do, Ego, etc. Get the picture? So, cutting to the chase – here’s her question, “Do we always have to focus on the positive?” (Where to begin, right?) As you look at your business and organizational targets – What inspires and moves you? How do you define success? CHOOSE ONE: Is it Growth, Expansion, Market-Share, Financial Results, Profitability, Margins, Brand, Multiples, Power, Influence, Cost-Containment, Quality, Reliability, Risk Mgmt., Service, Customer Satisfaction, Efficiencies, Improved Morale, Cultural Excellence, Money, Relationships, Love, Health, Meaning, Purpose, Harmony, Beauty? (add your own). Can you relate to at least one? In order of importance, how would you prioritize them? Here’s where it gets good…meaning and insight are naturally profound and require, like all worthy things in life, a journey – in the allegorical sense. Additionally, the rhetorical nature of her question was around how she could “feel good” about her work, value and who she was in the grand scheme of business & career. Therefore, in further response, I added, “Remember, your emotions follow your thinking, it’s not the other way around.” Circling back to, “To what do you aspire?” Focus on your thought patterns I suggested. Who’s in charge? Everything is mental, right? And, personally, I believe everyone’s lessons are different. We’ll continue on my next segment… Before I advertise, I’ll leave you with this…”You don’t get what you want, you get who you are.” In my response to the requests for a “Public” program (where participants from different companies may attend), please look for the launch of two independent, One- Day workshop’s: 1.) A “Winning Together,” Conscious Leadership & Team Optimization Program for New Generation Leaders, and 2.) “Being on Purpose,” for an audience we’re classifying as, “The Leadership Continuum,” for those already in Management. (a concept from my book, “Creating a Culture of Excellence -The 3 Awareness’. These are not dedicated programs and are open to individuals from different companies. (More info: