Conscious Leadership: a Definition

A Conscious Leader builds trust and earns credibility. He/She is Grounded in Self-Awareness and exudes the Gratitude that drives their vision. A Conscious Leader is purposeful and focused on solutions that sustain positive momentum. They tactically & strategically believe in elevating everything around them through an authentic business & people focus, discernment and integrity. Their conviction and knowingness, is reflected in their belief in possibilities and by “Being on Purpose”®. He/She is “Meaningfully Disruptive,”™ and influences direction, by inspiring innovation, peak performance, and by meeting change, and growth challenges with the assumption of Positive Intent – while driving results. He/she possesses agility and who’s passion and vision for excellence is underscored by a “whole-istic” charter for quality, determination and the “Why” behind their sense of purpose – Rick Hernandez (Paris, France: June 21, 2018).

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