Dreaming is Planning

3 Secrets: First, “Believing, is Seeing.” How do you feel when you’re in that “space,” where you’re connected, expansive and, simply “on fire!?” Reach for it-Remember?

Last week our team successfully delivered our signature, “Winning Together” Leadership & Team Optimization program to a $22 Billion + org. Wow-how impressive, right? Some asked, “How do you do it?” Relating to this and the Rome, Italy experience. (I’ll mention London later, and if you haven’t seen my 7 segment Blog-esque LinkedIn chronicle of the presentation-soon to be on our website: www.syntesisglobal.com). How? Sure, business acumen & expertise, customer relationships built on trust and credibility, etc.

As a result – what came first? The thought or the engagement? Point is…as an inspired professional, are you just “showing up,” or living your dream? 2.) To be in the zone, in flow and “vibin’,” don’t listen to the noise-listen to your inner-most being for direction, validation and inspiration. 3.) “Attract” your desired future by “feeling” it into fruition, and by assuming “Positive Intent” (this, reduces the “projection factor”). Yes, touchy-feely, but I hate to break it to you – everything is psycho-emotional (yeah, there’s business stuff, financial targets & strategy, but we’re human).

The point? Let go of negative thinking (old pain), and create a new future. “Believing, is Seeing.” What you’re responding to is the past-yesterday’s thinking. Update your assumptions. Your emotions follow your thinking, not the other way around. That said, words matter and your ability to feel your desired vision into experience accelerates your success. Worrying, is planning. Affirm: “Today, I choose to create a new and refreshed personal and business reality that speaks to my life’s passion. I can see it, I can feel it. It is now, here. Thank you, God, Thank you, Universe!