Living the Dream Part II

“How do you make a difference – in your work & professional lives?” Equally as important, in your personal lives & those of others. It may sound dissociated, but it’s not – it’s having a sense of “Gratitude” that serves as a catalyst and drives the manifestation of your vision – your passion. I’ve proven it…I’m living the dream. You know the term & concept. You may even click on “Share,” or “Like,” when you see something cool & profound around it on your social media platforms, but-how do you know you really “experience” it, & pass it on to “make a difference?” Here’s a good metric…”Are you feeling good about where you are in life, career, money, family, people & relationships? It’s a tall order, however, magnificently simple. That said, let’s suspend judgement for a moment…Here’s the nuance & how it works – Along with a plan, structure & discipline – stick to your passion, purpose & don’t compromise. In fact, decide to “feel good,” & have fun. VALIDATION: The spirit of my presentation revolved around 2 critical management characteristics. Before I go there: let me preface my topics with a customer service experience while heading to Rome. I love positive examples that I can share – @American Airlines. 
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