“Living the Dream” Part III

//“Living the Dream” Part III

“Living the Dream” Part III

Before sharing the 2 management characteristics that underscored my Rome presentation, I prefaced by offering a positive example around the benefits of an attitude of gratitude, thus, mentioning #americanairlines.  Without digressing too much, it’s plain nice when people enjoy their work, understand the concept of service and smile while making other’s feel welcomed and accentuate their commitment – by mentioning their “gratitude” for the abundance in their lives! Gotta love it. Remember, believe it, then you’ll see it!  Back to the Rome presentation topics: 1.) “How do you inspire good people to focus on performance excellence – growing your business and themselves? Secondly, “How do you bridge communication Silo’s and lead with influence, credibility and accountability – while managing change?”  Call me crazy, but do you know why most training & development programs don’t work?  Besides wrong focus, being overly intellectualized and lack of “buy-in?” (add generation gaps) ANSWER: They simply check a box. See the spirit of my two topics above? Nice words and areas we all want to develop – but – HOW do “you” make a difference and what truly transforms culture? Here’s the not so secret to my successful presentation that you may want to consider…

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