Living the Dream

“Living the Dream.” (London, October 22, 2018). Theme: “Resistance…” I was asked, “How often have you come across someone who is comfortable doing things one way, and the thought of doing something new and different, even if it might benefit them, becomes an obstacle – an obstacle to their own growth. I smiled and replied, “always – In fact,” I said, lightheartedly, “I’m so good at resistance…I can teach it!” (You had to be there…). There are no absolutes, and everyone – at relative times in their life, must meet this internal wall. Everyone at some time or another, will have to raise the bar on self-awareness and choose to release and pivot away from conditionality as they will ultimately hit this wall. Conditionality? What’s that? Resistance is about projection. About acceptance. Without complicating too much, here’s an abstraction: You are what you see. We have to know this – if…you want to change, whatever you label, or define as “X,” externally, so, too, will you respond. Simply stated, we’re setting ourselves up for failure as we misinterpret what we’re looking at. Then, afterwards, of course, we blame others or circumstances – but, never look within. Who’s in charge of your thinking and your perception? I know…you’ve heard all this before – then, why is it that some of us feel stuck, unhappy and/or unfulfilled? We’re always trying to get something, right? Something that feels good, contributes, elevates those around us, etc. But, in the pursuit of financial and professional success, these outcomes (business, financial, career), are contradicted by our own negative thinking. We just don’t know it because we are always projecting conditions. “When X condition is met, “then,” I will get Y, or “feel” good.” When Z, is realized…I’ll get promoted, expand into critical markets, make more money, find love, be happy…Really? Resistance is about choosing to stay stuck. Staying in one’s comfort zone and seeking refuge in the familiar – even though it may not serve our stated goals. So, to move beyond resistance, and if you’re going to ask others to change, it’s probably a good idea to be pretty good at it yourself. And that’s why we must always be developing ourselves. To be more adaptable, more creative – and more innovative. In short…more willing and able to change ourselves. Change is another way of talking about growth. Growth, is about, “Being on Purpose,”® and as we’ve said, it begins and ends with Gratitude. (Paris, France, June 21, 2018 – Wrap up: When people resist, it’s about fear of the unknown, deep stuff and control. The question is, “Do you want to be “right,” or do you want to be happy?” (A.C.I.M.), It’s not easy. Your team/you must align with the passion, purpose and “Why” of the big picture. Bottom-line, you have to care. Zero mediocrity, unless, by choice, and hidden under the displaced “tolerance” umbrella, you settle for less. Therefore, to hit your targets, meet your covenants and “feel good” in your career – Identify the resistance, identify what your audience perceives as, “taken away,” then clarify your direction with positive intent, while replacing the resulting void. Nature will not allow a vacuum. How do you do this? Define the change in positive terms and in “3’s. 1.) Future State, 2.) Roadmap, 3.) Creativity & Inspiration (W.I.I.T.M), and now you’re on your way to being a “Conscious Leader.”