TIME TO LEARN                                                                                          


FIRST THINGS FIRST…. health & Safety. Remember “Positive Intent?” As we move to respond, stabilize and adapt – I believe for all of us, our collective gratitude goes out to those on the front lines and to everyone working to keep us safe and trying to minimize disruption, right? God Bless people who “show up.” It’s more than, “an interesting time.” It’s surreal and a tough time as people are scared. So, as we all respectfully acknowledge and learn to accept each other’s challenges (hurt) – So, now what?

In many of my recent Coaching consultations, once we address the issues at hand, I then share the following…

“Stay centered…stay grounded. Follow the prescribed social distancing and contamination procedures… then, “Pivot,” – with Caution, Perspective and toward a passion for Growth. Now, is the time to reconnect. To raise bar on Self-Awareness – on our consciousness’. To learn and develop something new. At the end of this global cycle, there are three fundamental states of mind: Economic Growth (Turbo?), Re-Calibration and Personal Re-Birth. It’s natural law.”

THE POWER OF CHOICE. Yes, we all have the power to think positively, right? To laser-beam focus on our aspirations, what’s working and on the potential for improvement – not on what’s not working, and what you don’t have. At this juncture, it’s time to focus on areas of our lives where there is new opportunity to learn, read, exercise, or pick-up a hobby. Focus on re-connecting with people in the way you dreamed of…on Gratitude, so as to welcome the new. Despite circumstances, ask – what will we focus on? When faced with uncertainty (post stabilization), it’s a special time to reflect, re-invent and even reconcile with family and friends as we capitalize on the time we asked for when we were so busy. We’re given time to transform ourselves, to re-learn to be with loved ones – virtually, even, as you celebrate gatherings and birthday’s via video conferencing.

Truly, a time to unify. Truly, a time to look inside.

THAT SAID… We’re all in this together. Everyone’s lessons are different. We have choices. For some, there is more pain. Understood. The question remains…it’s a unique time to assess, learn and prove your value, commitment and worth. Believe it or not, this is a Spiritual time for everyone – irrespective of belief system. The entire planet is focused on a solution and now is the time to release the past, do great things and practice listening better to the people around you. Remember, “Being on Purpose,”™ and “Positive Intent.”


On a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED basis – SYNTESIS GLOBAL, LLC is donating a combination of 10 hrs. of Coaching: Executive; Management; Career/Job Search – to the 1st ten people who request support due to a hardship caused by the COVID-19 virus. Simply send us a note to: contactus@syntesisglobal.com – requesting your need. We will be providing Coaching services for 10 people/10 hrs. at no cost – English, Spanish & French. Open to the general public.

After all is said and done: “What have we learned about ourselves?”