Corporate Fatigue™: The “Conscious Leadership” Connection

“Living the Dream” Series (More Conversations; Vienna, Austria).

The “Conscious Leadership” Connection.

You know…making the case for leading others is easy when you select the right person whose psychology and mental chemistry understands what it is to have vision, be strategic and who intrinsically CARES about making a difference within the world and people they serve. It’s not rocket science. And, you know, too, that ideas don’t leave their source – meaning, your team is an extension of you.

Here’s a “Winning Together”™ communication and trust exercise I’ll share with you. 

I call it, “Corporate Fatigue.”™

12 Reasons Why Leaders Fail to Successfully Improve Siloed Communication, Build Trust & Drive Change:

1. Lack of Vision and Strategic Thinking

2. Resistance to change: Allowing “what was” to drive the future

3. Inability to tell a “Business Story”

4. Exposure (Calculated Segmentation)

5. Inability to close the “Obstacle Gaps”

6. Systemic Disequilibrium (Cultural Dissonance)

7. Failure to create small & short-term wins

8. Inability to Inspire: (lack of passion/lack of empathy)

9. Failure to re-calibrate

10. Intellectual complacency

11. Neglecting to sustain Positive Momentum

12. Failing to create “Buy-In”