“Living the Dream” Series (Los Angeles, August 29, 2019)

98 Percentile Satisfaction – not a bad statistic. Everyone is talking about Leadership nowadays. It makes sense. It is imperative for next-level awareness. How one deconstructs the tenets of success; How one genuinely influences others; and, how one taps into the ability to inspire inspiration – might be healthy benchmarks. To the degree that we codify our proven roadmaps in simple and relatable terms – herein lies our ability to either connect with people to achieve meaningful things, or failure, due to an inability to communicate a compelling business story. What I have found, fundamentally, is that there’s an underlying and primordial urgency for elevating everything around us. For making a difference. For the acceleration of learning and for securing business results. If you report to a Board and 3 years have gone by without meeting your covenants – you get what I’m talking about.

So, what’s it all about, right? Why do we do what we do? Let’s define it quickly. In business and career, 1.) Profit, 2.) Philanthropy, 3.) Purpose (i.e., Meaning & Fulfillment) – (Don’t over-think this, I know there are many other domains…)

If you’ve wondered why I call these articles/posts, “Living the Dream,” there are three reasons: like many, I want to remind others of the power of their personal vision and how they, too, can produce deliberate results. Secondly, by affirming it, I know I create the positive momentum necessary to keep the dream going. It’s mental physics…

Here’s an example of what I mean. We just received evaluations from our latest, “Winning Together,”® Conscious Leadership & Team Optimization program. If you approach your work with “Positive Intent,” if you tap into and follow your passion….when you do what you love…then, not by accident, you’ll produce exponential outcomes as a natural consequence to “Being on Purpose.”® Suddenly, you’re pleasantly surprised when a pragmatic and skeptical audience (seemingly, resistant), submits to new learnings and echoes a resounding positive response at the 98 percentile. What’s next? A sense of gratitude (positive momentum), to serve as insurance to keep it going because you’re vibing in the right direction. This, is “Living the Dream.” As a career directive – as a leader – do you believe you’re leading your organization to “Living the Dream?”

Here’s how…

As a Conscious leader…do 3 things:

1.   Practice authenticity

2.   Understand the “Big Picture”

3.   Inspire those around you

Lastly, practice cultivating insight, curiosity and a sense of wonder. Leaders who practice Conscious Leadership principles connect and resonate with this. Steve Jobs and the like, understand this, too. I truly believe there is a thirst and yearning for making an authentic impact – for changing the world toward a higher harmony around how we relate to business, inspire people and how we find a deeper meaning in what we do and how we relate to each other.

The Conscious Leadership Connection is about people, selflessness and engagement. Might this be an “unrealistic” methodology to achieve your financial goals and growth targets? Might we simply classify these into impractical, Romantic and idealistic pursuits? Depends…are you on plan?

“Everything begins and ends with Gratitude.” –     Rick J. Hernandez