When do you need it?

It’s 2020…a new year, revised goals, revitalized strategy and, from a “Positive Intent,” perspective – great people – who now have to adapt to a new role, manage and lead people through change – and, improve performance to match the new metrics.

The person you’re thinking of, has the degrees, confidence (mostly), and understands the business. Further, may have long tenure, industry experience (in some cases, too much…), but something is missing…Leadership Development. Continuously, you notice this person begins to sputter when it comes to relating to people, managing team dynamics, and when it comes to managing difficult conversations, effective communications, and holding people accountable, they fall short.

Conducting a Needs Analysis specific to the following are helpful guides to determine the prospect for Executive Coaching:

“Inability to” Assessment:

  1. Adapt to the demands of a new position, project, or process
  2. Think Strategically
  3. Develop good working relationships with key stakeholders
  4. Mentor, build trust and maintain a team
  5. Execute on plans and drive change
  6. Focus on quality, service, and results

Other qualifiers are, on the Psych side, lacking self-Awareness, and on the behavioral/attitudinal, not approachable, immaturity and arrogance – or, top of the list, a low EQ (Emotional Intelligence), quotient.

Clearly, you have options – some internal, some external. The right assessment tools are highly recommended. However, identifying the need and defining expectations are an imperative as you seek the right “fit,” when it comes to an Executive Coach.


During your evaluation of an Executive Coach, ensure their credentials & experience is relevant, has the ability to tell a compelling business story, i.e., gauge if the above assessment are a part of his/her toolkit and core competencies that your future Executive Coach possesses. And, of course, the references.

While there are other dimensions for considerations in terms of need definition, high potential and the “right coach,” consider this a fundamental base-line.

CRITICAL THINGS TO LOOK FOR: Relevant experience, a solid framework/road-map, and a viable goals-outcomes, time-line and process – and, more than ever…trust & verify.

MORE INFORMATION: https://syntesisglobal.com/executive-coaching/