Living the Dream Part IV

The Rome presentation topics: “How do you inspire good people to focus on performance excellence – growing your business and themselves? And, “How do you bridge communication Silo’s and lead with influence, credibility and accountability – while managing change?” They’re nice words and concepts that require processing and discussions around understanding of business objectives, timelines and the choice for quality execution – add metrics, commitment and personal accountability. All conceptual, really – however, a necessary framework, right? But, what made MY presentation successful? And, how can YOU do the same and make a difference? The presentation was unique and well received by underscoring what most development programs or presentations around process and goals alone overlook. Most training’s are missing the fundamentals specific to human inspiration, creativity & emotional intelligence. Mine didn’t. Namely, it was the alignment between how you ground your growth, profitability targets and change, with a mental game of gratitude and structured direction – and, by assuming “Positive Intent,” as it reinforces performance and performance improvement. It creates a baseline for “listening” – without a preconceived agenda.
Living the Dream Part III