Living the Dream Part V : Your personal & organizational challenge? Balance the pragmatism between the science of business performance & change, with the psycho-emotional creativity & passion that moves mountains & drives excellence. It’s a choice. Beyond concept, be connected to what is important from a career, social & spiritual perspective. Research proves over & over; your sense of self underscores your accomplishment. YOU, are the power of YOU.  3 Things to consider: Globally, focus on 1) Purpose, 2) Process, 3) People. This, is OD from the inside out. BUSINESS ASSUMPTIONS: capitalized, have/developing the right people & understand your market, technology & brand. PERSONAL: start with self–look in the mirror–“How do YOU make a difference in aligning performance excellence with innovation, engagement & future business growth? Be meaningfully disruptive. VALIDATION: metrics specific to results from breaking down communication silos, improving morale & collaboration toward future growth. Breathe…you got this. Go to the fundamentals –Gratitude & Assuming Positive Intent. Why? Because the state of intentionality & being-ness, comes from a place of acceptance, release & allows you to move forward, while systematically welcoming a new future.