“Living the Dream” Part VI

//“Living the Dream” Part VI

“Living the Dream” Part VI

 Remember, it’s about the balance of that which is pragmatic and intuitive. Show no fear. Touch the hearts of your employees, & you find the Holy Grail. Inspire “intrinsic motivation,” inspiration & excitement around your cause, beliefs & organizational purpose. WHY: This, as your cultural identity, drives your business from an existential perspective centered around the “Why,” behind what you do. Profits, growth & market share will follow as a natural consequence. HOW: Promote autonomy, succession planning & Mastery. Synchronize systems, quality & implementation discipline, with Vision, Passion & Authenticity. “Conscious Leadership,” principles will differentiate you. Critical, is how you align with all things meaningful & empowering to your external audiences, too, as an extension of your sense of purpose – it elevates those around you. It’s the ultimate “giving back.” Gratitude is the framework to produce more of something by strategic planning, roles & responsibilities & positive thinking – it sustains momentum.

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