Living the Dream Part VI :  Remember, it’s about the balance of that which is pragmatic and intuitive. Show no fear. Touch the hearts of your employees, & you find the Holy Grail. Inspire “intrinsic motivation,” inspiration & excitement around your cause, beliefs & organizational purpose. WHY: This, as your cultural identity, drives your business from an existential perspective centered around the “Why,” behind what you do. Profits, growth & market share will follow as a natural consequence. HOW: Promote autonomy, succession planning & Mastery. Synchronize systems, quality & implementation discipline, with Vision, Passion & Authenticity. “Conscious Leadership,” principles will differentiate you. Critical, is how you align with all things meaningful & empowering to your external audiences, too, as an extension of your sense of purpose – it elevates those around you. It’s the ultimate “giving back.” Gratitude is the framework to produce more of something by strategic planning, roles & responsibilities & positive thinking – it sustains momentum.