The Nuance in Meaning

Value Creation. Credibility. Momentum. How do you know how you impact the world around you? (“Living the Dream,” London, June 17, 2018). Answer: Self-Awareness (One of the key focal points to our Executive & Management Coaching principles). Your ability to think “whole-istically,” and harmonically when thinking strategically and expanding your market-share. Your discernment, ability to listen and care, are paramount to how you earn credibility as you weave the decisions that surround you when leading, growing your business and managing change. Are you born with these? Can they be learned? Not sure…but, you can add to them and make choices that expand your influence and value proposition. Ask yourself… “How effective is my communication?” How do you know & measure it? For me, it’s the NUANCE. Everyone knows all the great words around motivation and personal development – only most never “pay attention” to the “nuance,” behind our words, intention and purpose. Meaning is purpose…but first, you gotta care. Nuance, is seeing and feeling between the lines.  It’s profound, so hang on…Nuance has a focus, a commitment and, once again, a choice to “not only do different things, but choosing to see and do things differently. Why do you do what you do? If you think about why you’re here…to what do you aspire?  What turns you on? When it comes to Business Results, Target Margins, Organizational Effectiveness, Personal Effectiveness…,” Your Choices, let’s just say, in a business world – are predicated on your choices for how you want to lead and influence the conditions around you – while reflecting how you feel about you. In my view, this is where the authenticity of Conscious Leadership enters.  So, the nuance begins with being grounded, alert and connected to the energy exchange of dialogue and ideas – even when they aren’t your own. Further, coming from a remarkable sense of purpose, you listen to the silent dance that takes place when people are trying to negotiate, control and/or partner toward collaboration (results). What’s the goal? What’s the vision? How do you get there? In essence, while your balancing the pragmatism of business covenants and the psycho-emotional component of people needs, Nuance means you’re paying attention when exchanging ideas and even when managing upwardly. How to do it and/or improve is something for a later time. For now, it’s getting in front of the meaning.  Again, think Self-Awareness. In simple terms…paying attention to your part.  Know your audience and without MSU-ing (making stuff up), you notice the meaning behind intentionality (positive intent), when blending business objectives with organizational and cultural excellence.  I know – abstract and way too deep.  But, then again, this is value creation and what differentiates you and our “Winning Together Conscious Leadership & Team Optimization programs. How do you really get there? The answer is in the title of my 3rd book, now in progress, “Being on Purpose.”